Juan Piano Studio accepts students of all ages and levels who are committed to learning piano. Dr. Tina Juan Park's expert instruction and personalized approach will help students of all abilities gain valuable skills-- improving technical skills, musicianship, artistry, and appreciation for music through sequencing, challenging, inspiring and fun repertoires of all styles. The emphasis is on:

  • Building good hand position and instill good habits for solid technique from the start
  • Technique exercises in every stage of study
  • Learning pieces of different styles to enhance sight-reading skills 
  • Artistic interpretations
  • Building good rhythm and learning the art of listening skill through duet playing
  • Theory and Ear Training

In Juan Piano Studio the responsibility include:

  • Weekly lesson instruction
  • 2 formal studio recitals a year 
  • Additional recitals sponsored by MMTF and SPPTA
  • Preparing students for National Music Assessment Program (see under the National Assessment) and MMTA piano exam
  • Preparing and arranging students for public performances, festivals  and competitions such as the Minnesota State Contest, Junior and Senior Young Artist Competition, Nine Grade Award, MMTF Mozart Concerto Competition, SPPTA Concerto Competition, Northwestern Piano Solo Competition, Thursday Musical, Schubert Club, Piano Fun, MMTA Ensemble Festival, Chopin Concert, Young Artist World Piano Festival and E-Junior Piano Festival (see under competitions for descriptions)
  • Writing recommendation for college application

Before registering for Juan Piano Studio, please contact Dr. Park for a free interview where you can demonstrate your level of abilities, discussing goals and interests and ask any questions you might have. Once you decide to enroll, Dr. Park will establish a schedule for you and ensure you the right material to get started.


"Dr. Park, is a deeply cultured musician as well as a distinctive piano teacher. Her delicate performance and demonstration with detailed technics is absolutely impressive." Baiqiao Zhang, winner of rhte 2009 MMTA Junior Young Artist Competition and Northwestern Piano Solo Competition


"Dr. Park has helped me develop tremendously in technics and musicianship! I can't image to achieve to this level without her devoted teaching!" Max Wang, winner of the 2011 Northwestern Piano Solo Competition


"Thank you for the many hours you have spent working with me. Thank you for all your encourgement. You have been theBEST piano teavher I have had." Angela Jamieson, graduate of Bethel University, BA in music education


"I have been learning piano from Dr. Park for over 9 years. She taught me not only how to play piano, but also how to learn and enjoy music, more importantly, how to live a wonderful life with the music. Thank you, Dr. Park, for being the most patient and encouraging teacher. Thank you for leading me to the world of arts, and thank you for guilding me through a path that will benifit me for my whole life." Cynthia Dong, 9th grader, Mounds View High School, winner of the 2018 Minnesota PianoFun Competition and the University of Northwestern Piano Solo Festival Competition