Juan Piano Studio hosts two formal studio recitals each year. They are held at the magnificent Benson Great Hall on Bethel University Campus. Its an excellent opportunity to hear all of the students of Juan Piano Studio to perform. The students and parents gain valuable experience playing, watching, learning and mingling. Please attend these important events and avoid arranging trips and other activities. 

2023 Winter Recital Date: December 17th  3-6pm (Benson Great Hall)
2024 Spring Recital Date: June 9th 3-5:30pm (Schmitt Music in Bloomington)

Recital Fee: $25

Recital Guideline

A. Students and parents who participate in the recital must stay for the whole duration of the recital. If you have unavoidable conflict, you must inform me in advance to get permission. And you must leave between performances, NEVER during a performance. It is rude and disrespectful. 

B. All student performers must wear proper recital attire, such as a skirt or a nice blouse with dress pants for girls and a suit or a formal shirt with dress pants for boys. 

C. No loud talking or running around is permitted during the recital. Quiet environment is essential for the students to focus on the performance. 

D. No children under 3 is allowed in the recital hall.